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Michael Ziegler
Education: Bialik High School Class of 2013, Dawson College Class of 2015, McGill Political Science Student. Born and raised in Montreal, the Canadiens have always been a big part of my life. What started out as a way to blow off some steam after a tough loss in the 2011 playoffs eventually became a popular hit with Facebook friends around the internet. On PGT, I like to dissect each and every Habs game and promote discussion about the team. Other interests: Aside from Hockey and sports in general, I love music. During the summer I work for Camp Wingate, a sleep-away sports camp just north of Montreal. Favourite places in Webspace: If you are looking for the latest news around the NHL, visit For more Montreal Canadiens talk, visit, or

Cup Final Predictions

I'm starting to really sucks at these. I went 0-2 last round but I refuse to pick Boston.

(1) Blackhawks vs. (4) Bruins
Prediction: Hawks in 7

Gonna be a great series between two original 6 squads. Boston could easily win, but like I said before, I refuse to pick them. This series could honestly go either way.

Conference Final Predictions

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (4) Boston Bruins
Note: Who needs Seidenberg, Ference or Redden when you have Torey Krug? Doesn't matter, though, Sid, Geno and company are too good. Pittsburgh's D with face a huge test, but I believe they will hold up.

Prediction: Pens in 6

(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (5) L.A. Kings
Note: Hawks have tons of momentum after storming back from down 3-1 but the Kings are also coming off a huge game 7 win. Jon Quick is, well... Jon Quick and has the ability to carry his team - unlike Corey Crawford. I can see this being the most exciting series in the entire playoffs.

Prediction: Kings in 7

Season In Review: Michel Therrien

For part 2 of the Season In Review series, we will be taking a look at Habs coach, Michel Therrien.

Therrien was hired late last season to replace interim head coach, Randy Cunneyworth. After being fired by the Habs in 2003, Therrien went on to coach Pittsburgh before returning to Montreal for his second stint with the Habs.

So, let's get down to business. Therrien had a great regular season and nobody can take that away from him. He seemed to press all the right buttons at the right moments. The result was not only a more exciting team to watch, but overall, a much better team on the ice. All of this, with essentially the same core of players, give or take a few. The team jumped from 15th place in the East to 2nd place, all while winning the Northeast division.

But here's the problem. Nobody remembers a good or even great season if you don't show up in crunch-time (see 2007 New England Patriots). While Therrien and his squad were great during the regular season, they were…

Season In Review: Marc Bergevin

What a great season it was to be a Habs fan. Not only was the jump from 15th in the Eastern conference to the winners of the Northeast division a huge leap, but the change in culture this organization underwent was truly incredible. Last year, as a Habs fan, the future looked murky at best. With Pierre Gauthier at the helm and a struggling team on the ice, there wasn't much to look forward to. Brendan Gallagher was relatively unknown and playing in the the WHL with the Vancouver Giants. Alex Galchenyuk, on the other hand, was a top prospect recovering from an ACL tear he suffered while playing for his junior team, the Sarnia Sting. Lars Eller was being labeled a bust (already) and there were no real, top- tier prospects in the organization. As the nightmare that was the 2011-2012 season came to an end, so did the tenure of the evil Pierre Gauthier. Not long after, Marc Bergevin was hired to fix all of what Gauthier had done, and he did just that. Bergevin gave new life to the fans…

Round 2 Predictions

It's been a while, guys, but I'm back! Here's what I think will go down in round 2.

(1) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa
Pens have too much firepower that Sens just can't match up with. Plus, I don't think Anderson can keep playing as well as he has.

Pens in 6

(4) Boston vs. (6) New York Rangers
Bruins have the better forwards, but with injuries to Redden, Ference and now Seidenberg, the Rangers back- end is better. You know what they say, offense fills stands, defense wins championships... Oh, and Lundqvist over Rask any day of the week.

Rangers in 7

(1) Chicago vs. (7) Detroit
Chicago's depth is too much for the Wings to handle. It'll be the closest 5 game series ever.

'Hawks in 5

(5) Los Angeles vs. (6) San Jose
The Sharks are looking good but the loss of Torres shouldn't be overlooked. LA's size and experience will be too much for San Jose.

Kings in 6


Yearlong Predictions

With the NHL finally back (thank god), I decided to put some predictions together for the upcoming season. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you agree, or disagree with. Enjoy. (As you can see below, I obviously have way too much time on my hands)

Eastern Conference:

Western Conference:
BluesCanucksKingsBlackhawksWildStarsWingsCoyotesPredatorsSharksDucksAvalancheOilersFlamesBlue Jackets 

(1)Rangers- (8)Senators
(2)Bruins- (7)Hurricanes
(3)Capitals- (6) Lightning
(4)Penguins- (5) Flyers
Round 2: (1)Rangers- (6) Lightning
(2) Bruins- (4) Penguins
Round 3: