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Phoenix Coyotes: Where Will They End Up?

Before I begin, I would just to inform all of you that because of the circumstances (missing the playoffs) this blog has become more of an NHL blog than a Habs blog for the rest of the season. I hope you all stick around and we'll be back talking Habs next season. 

Which brings me to today's piece. There has been a lot of talk over the past couple years/ weeks about the Phoenix Coyotes potentially relocating. Here are a list of cities that could end up with an NHL team and why they are a good or bad fit for an NHL team.

Kansas City
Although there has already been a NHL team in Kansas City, I personally don't like the fit. When I think Kansas City, the last thing that comes to mind is hockey. While the city could probably bring in a solid amount of fans, as far as I know, there is no arena in the city that could seat 15,000+ people.

Las Vegas
I like Vegas more than I like Kansas City, but still, common, it's Vegas. The one main problem I have is that Vegas is very close to Phoenix. The Coyotes have minimal interest from their city, what makes the NHL think that moving down the road to Vegas would change that.

If Quebec City wasn't involved in these discussions, Seattle would be my number one vote without discussion. As a fan of the NFL, I know how great the fans of Seattle are. I've also been to Seattle and discovered that it's an awesome city. Last but not least, the most important part, they have an arena that can seat enough fans.

Quebec City
Nordiques vs. Canadiens. Just like old times. An 8th team in Canada would be amazing. Quebec city definitely has the interest and they have a $400M arena that is ready to built. It won't be ready for a couple year, however, there are renovations being done to the Colisee where the team would be able to play in the meantime.

A city that nobody talks about, because it hasn't been reported to have any interest in the team is the city of Portland, Oregon. If the team doesn't end up in Seattle or Quebec City, I would rather see the Coyotes in a place like Portland over KC or Vegas. It's a long shot but I thought, hey, why not strike up a conversation with my readers. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below along with what other cities you guys think deserve a team.

The last destination of course would be for the Coyotes to stay put in Phoenix. Although it is highly doubtful, there is always that small chance that it does. In that case the NHL would be making a HUGE mistake.


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  1. Hello, I am from Kansas City, Missouri and their is a growing hockey community that really wants an NHL team. Currently all we have is the Missouri Mavericks which as I understand has held the best attendance record for a few years now. But like I said it's a growing community.

    As for the stadium issue you said, we have the Sprint Center. During the preseason of the NHL the Penguin vs the Kings was held there (2011-2012 season). It sold out at 17,779, I was in attendance for that game, it was amazing and rarely quiet.

    Interesting fact... Kansas City and all of it sports teams are on the Missouri side. Most of KC is actually in Missouri.

    Hey fun watching the playoffs mate!

  2. Hey man, thanks for the comment. I had no idea about the arena or about the game held in KC but that sounds incredible. I know about all of the KC teams being in Missouri, I just wasn't really sure it would work out. Really appreciate your input and to be honest you tweaked my opinion.
    Enjoy the playoffs my friend!

  3. I am from Chicago originally. I became a huge red wings fan after seeing stevie Y play and how the blackhawks treat their personnel and fans was heart breaking. I have lived in the kansas city area for seven years now. I use to think the KC,MO area could really support an NHL team, after seeing the way Peyton Manning snubbed the KC area and not even visiting was a little peculiar.

    Many people think this area is just another po-dunk, people that have never been here or even visited usually fuel those emotions. During the winter around here there is usually Nothing going on. Besides the Chiefs wrapping up another dismal year. The Kansas City Coyotes would draw better concerts throughout the year, as everyone knows success breeds more success. The Penguins were a nose hair away from moving here before they won their third Stanley cup. The St.Louis area has had hockey for 45 years why can't it work here. If they had a couple good years to start the hockey would stick. It all depends on that first year, this area is all about heart and determination, if they were to show both unlike the Kansas City Scouts back in the 70's the team would be a hit. Not to mention the Kansas City Power and Light district is in the same area as the Sprint Center. The Coyotes would be the centerpiece of the area. It really is a 50-50 shot on working, but like said before they make the playoffs the first two years or one out of two would be crucial. If they did the NHL would be kicking themselves over not revisiting Kansas city earlier. It is for the most part the melting pot of America and very centralized, 10 hours in a car to minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Nashville, St.Louis and Columbus.

    The realignment of the NHL would be hugely important. Would they go to the central division, northwest division, southeast, stay in pacific or what. Making the playoffs in the central would be tough for this team. Moving Columbus or Detroit to eastern conference and Winnipeg to the western conference would free up that central spot. Good luck to whatever the coyotes do. I would love to see them move here but it could be a pipe dream. The islanders, penguins, predators and now coyotes all have flirted with the idea of coming to KC,MO. I thought it was just a matter of time before there was a team here. I don't know about that anymore.


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