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Education: Bialik High School Class of 2013, Dawson College Class of 2015, McGill Political Science Student. Born and raised in Montreal, the Canadiens have always been a big part of my life. What started out as a way to blow off some steam after a tough loss in the 2011 playoffs eventually became a popular hit with Facebook friends around the internet. On PGT, I like to dissect each and every Habs game and promote discussion about the team. Other interests: Aside from Hockey and sports in general, I love music. During the summer I work for Camp Wingate, a sleep-away sports camp just north of Montreal. Favourite places in Webspace: If you are looking for the latest news around the NHL, visit For more Montreal Canadiens talk, visit, or

Round 2: Thoughts on Game 2 vs. Boston

1) That was hard to watch.  50 or so minutes of really solid hockey from the Canadiens, but it's those last 10 that were just brutal.

2) This wasn't unexpected - the Bruins scored 104 third period goals this year. Montreal needs to find a way to slow them down in the third.

3) Despite my negativity during the game, this series is far from over. The downside is that they gave up a 2 goal lead in the last 4 minutes of the third period. The bright side, however, is that the Habs are headed home with a split.

4) Yes, Thomas Vanek scored 2 goals, but I still don't think he played his best hockey. Made some really questionable plays today and his passing seemed off.

5) Turns out the Habs do have a powerplay. 3 PP goals over the last two games, including 2/6 today.

6) Call in an missing persons alert for Max Pacioretty; or maybe they just forgot him in Montreal. Either way, the Habs won't win without him.

7) Price was spectacular - for 50 minutes. After Dougie Hamilton scored the Bruins' second goal, he definitely wasn't at his best.

8) Michael Bournival needs to stay in the lineup. His speed on the left of Plekanec and Gallagher was a real boost.

9) I'd be willing to bet my life savings that Brandon Prust is injured. He has zero strength on the puck and has looked awful during the past two games.

10) I think everyone knew the Habs weren't going to finish this postseason without losing. It's a tough loss, but time to regroup and head home for game 3.

Next game is Tuesday, 7pm and the Bell Centre

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