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Education: Bialik High School Class of 2013, Dawson College Class of 2015, McGill Political Science Student. Born and raised in Montreal, the Canadiens have always been a big part of my life. What started out as a way to blow off some steam after a tough loss in the 2011 playoffs eventually became a popular hit with Facebook friends around the internet. On PGT, I like to dissect each and every Habs game and promote discussion about the team. Other interests: Aside from Hockey and sports in general, I love music. During the summer I work for Camp Wingate, a sleep-away sports camp just north of Montreal. Favourite places in Webspace: If you are looking for the latest news around the NHL, visit For more Montreal Canadiens talk, visit, or

Round 2: Thoughts on Game 7 vs. Boston

1) I don't even know where to start. Wow. What a feeling. What a team.

2) Dale Weise. Gotta find a way to sign this guy. 1 goal, 4 hits, and played pretty much the perfect game. Amazing story.

3) Danny Briere had 2 points tonight on 9 shifts (8:06 TOI). That's a point on 22% of his shifts. Also has 7 points in 5 career game 7s, and has a 4-1 record.

4) Max Pacioretty is back. Watch out, New York.

5) Nathan Beaulieu has 2 points in his first 2 playoff games. Stud.

6) I never, ever, ever, want to hear that Tuukka Rask is a better goalie than Carey Price. Ever.

7) Speaking of Price, including the olympics, Carey has allowed 2 goals in 5 elimination games, this year.

8) David Desharnais had himself a game. DD outworked every Bruin that came near him, and made a hell of a pass to Pacioretty on the Habs' second goal.

9) Heroic effort from Tomas Plekanec tonight. In his classic Plekanec way, he was one of the best players on the ice, yet still managed to go unnoticed. He played 23:50, first among forwards, including 4:06 on pk, second on the team behind Gorges.

10) In case you weren't happy enough, the Habs could get Alex Galchenyuk back next series.

11) Bring on the Rangers!!!

12) You're gonna wanna watch this.

8/16 #OuiTheNorth

Game 1 is Saturday, 1 PM at the Bell Centre

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